It is Worth Choosing Us

It is Worth Choosing Us

We guarantee satisfaction and enjoyment of learning foreign languages. You will notice the progress after one year of learning. In the next few years you will acquire knowledge and abilities that will allow you to communicate in a given foreign language fluently.

You can sign up for an English, German, Spanish, French, or Russian course. At the request, we can organize Italian and Arabic courses. In our offer, there is also a Polish course for foreigners. We also teach Eastern languages, like, for example Arabic, Japanese, or Chinese

In our school you will find a course that suits your individual needs and expectations. It will match both your level of advancement and age.

Our offer consists of courses for preschoolers, school children, teenagers, or adults. We also organise courses for firms and institutions, for learners of all levels of advancement. Among them, there are students who prepare for international certificates or take part in
specialist business English trainings.

During every course we apply diverse and carefully chosen methods of teaching, which are suitable for the student’s age and aim of learning. We make sure that our students “immerse” themselves in a given foreign language. That is why we don’t use Polish language while teaching. Our students gradually enhance their competencies and break the foreign language barrier, opening up to the world at the same time.

You can always count on our teachers’ support and help if needed. They will eagerly explain you any sort of more difficult material. They will give you a hint of how to develop your linguistic skills, recommend books worth reading, or send you some extra materials to practice at home.


Our language school has nearly 20-year experience of teaching students on every level of advancement


Each year more than 500 students, learning different languages, leave our school.


We are located in the city centre thanks to which it is easy to reach our school from every place in Opole and its close neighbourhood.

About us

We focus on developing all linguistic skills with the emphasis on communication.


Our lessons are held in a positive atmosphere, encouraging our students to participate actively


Our teachers are a team of specialists with certificates confirming their competencies.

Contact us in order to find out more about our offer. Our consultants will help you with choosing the most suitable course.