Summer S.O.S Conversations

Teenagers 16-18, Students and Adults
Summer S.O.S Conversations
  • 16 lessons
  • Languages: English, German, other foreign languages
  • Level: A2-C2
Foreign language course

Summer S.O.S Conversations

Are you planning to spend summer holidays in the country where you will need to use English or German? Are you dreaming about studies in France or you are going to work in Spain? Or maybe just want to refresh your knowledge of the language you have already studied? This course is just for you.

If this is your first contact with a foreign language, you will learn simple phrases and short sentences thanks to which you will be able to communicate in everyday situations; to introduce yourself, present your abilities, book a room in a hotel or a plane ticket or ask some questions when doing the shopping. You will learn how to write a CV or how to approach a conversation with your future employers. You will be able to understand simple questions and give answers.

If you have already studied a given foreign language, attending this course will help you develop your skills,understand better the spoken and written language, extend the range of vocabulary, learn to create more complicated utterances, and also speak more fluently and correctly in terms of grammar.

Course organisation

  • 4 weeks of learning
  • start: June, July, August, or September
  • lessons: 2 lessons twice a week (2 x 40 minutes)
  • days: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
  • hours (to choose from): 8:00, 12:00, 16:20, or 18:30
  • Polish teacher
  • individual lessons or in a group of 2-6 students

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