Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Before signing up for a language course, you can also test your level of advancement by taking a placement test and also attending an interview in order to choose the most suitable course. You can also come to a free of charge trial lesson to see how our classes are conducted, which you will enable you to decide whether they meet your expectations.

Choosing our school guarantees learning with the help of the best specialists whose lessons are always carefully prepared and thought out. Every experienced teacher is aware of the fact that properly suited methods and activities indicate our students’ linguistic abilities. Interesting subject area and nice atmosphere relieve the stress connected with a language barrier.

In our school bookstore you can purchase a set of language books, and also all the materials needed to master your language abilities, such as a dictionary, a grammar book, CDs or any other publications. Spacious and modernly equipped classrooms, and the great location of our school, in the city centre, close to the bus station, constitute our additional assets.


Our language school has nearly 20-year experience of teaching students on every level of advancement.


Each year more than 500 students, learning different languages, leave our school.


We are located in the city centre thanks to which it is easy to reach our school from every place in Opole and its close neighbourhood.

About us

We focus on developing all linguistic skills with the emphasis on communication.


Our lessons are held in a positive atmosphere, encouraging our students to participate actively.


Our teachers are a team of specialists with certificates confirming their competencies.

Contact us in order to find out more about our offer. Our consultants will help you with choosing the most suitable course.