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kursy językowe on-line
  • Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Greek, Dutch, Polish
  • Level: A1 – C2
Foreign language course

Online Language Courses

In the face of the current situation all our students are offered to study online.
There has always been a circle of our students who prefer studying foreign languages this way even
though they have been offered a choice between school-based and online courses. Those are, as a
rule, adult students having a lot of work and family duties, working shifts, often travelling or living
far from where our school is located.
Today all the pupils, students and even pre-schoolers join this group.
This kind of teaching allows our students to study a chosen foreign language on every level of
advancement, on the most convenient days and times, with the frequency of classes adjusted to the
needs and expectations of every client. What is also possible is the choice of a teacher – a Polish
teacher of a foreign language or a native speaker.
Thanks to an access to Microsoft educational platform, whose main feature is simple and intuitive
navigation and an easy access to electronic tools and teaching materials, you can take part in
interactive classes with audio-visual contact with your teacher, having an access to your coursebook
and audio files and being able to exchange written information. Teaching content is suitable for the
student’s age and level, the aim of their language learning and the needs and expectations
concerning the content of the course.
Considering their quality, methodology and educational content, our online lessons are not much
different from our face-to-face courses. Judging by our students’ opinions, they are even more
interesting and logistically more convenient.

Course organisation

  • free choice of the number of lessons
  • days and hours to choose
  • Polish teacher or native speaker


  • trial lesson
  • original curriculum
  • progress report
  • virtual register
  • additional learning materials
  • certificate of course completion
  • library

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