KIDS 3-6

3-6-year-old pre-schoolers
kurs maluszki kursy językowe dla dzieci, kursy językowe dla dorosłych, kursy językowe dla studentów, kurs angielskiego
  • 65 lessons (45 minutes each)
  • Language: English, German, Spanish, Russian
  • Level: Pre A1
Foreign language course

For 3-6-year olds

By signing up your kid for our courses, you give them an opportunity to encounter a foreign language in the best periodin their life.

We teach through playing games, singing, acting, and taking part in small competitions. Thanks to our lessons, your kid will get familiar with the sounds of given language, they will learn simple words, they will be able to react on instructions and formulate the answers to the simple questions.

Course organisation

  • 2 semesters
  • 2 lessons a week
  • days and hours to choose
  • Polish teacher
  • 5-10 kids in a group


  • trial lesson
  • 2 parents’ meeting
  • student’s progress report
  • certificate
  • free-of-charge language consultations
  • virtual register
  • library

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Contact us in order to find out more about our offer. Our consultants will help you with choosing the most suitable course.