Individual lessons

Individual lessons
lekcje indywidualne
  • Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Greek, Dutch, Polish
  • Level: A1 – C2
Foreign language course

Individual lessons

If you want to learn a foreign language, yet, among all our courses you didn’t find the one that meets
your expectations, you may consider taking individual lessons.
We will tailor them to your specific needs. Together, we will establish the methodical extend and
lessons plans which will suit your everyday availability. We will also choose a teacher who suits you in
terms of qualifications, personality, and temperament. And all so that you can be quickly and
effectively prepared to learn. No matter, whether you need to learn foreign language in order to
travel abroad or prepare for a job interview.
Within the framework of individual lessons, you can also catch up with the school material, prepare
for competitions, Matura exam or any other language exam – prestigious international exams

Course organisation

  • Free choice of the number of lessons
  • days and hours to choose
  • Polish teacher, Polish teacher and native speaker tandem or native speaker


  • trial lesson
  • original curriculum
  • progress reports
  • virtual register
  • additional learning materials
  • certificate
  • library

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