COURSES 2021/2022

The enrolment for the new school year 2021/2022 has started! Join our team! You can choose from several different educational pathways suitable for your age, level of advancement and aim. We teach English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and many other foreign languages.


We have got something special for you; intensive summer holiday courses with 50% discount! Participating in one of them, you will quickly and effectively learn a new language or you will master already acquired skills. You can also prepare for your Matura exam or any other international exams, including Cambridge English qualifications.


Cambridge English Certificates prove your knowledge of English and your linguistic abilities. They give you an opportunity to reach for ambitious goals in life. We will successfully prepare you for those worldwide recognized

Welcome at newCosmopolitan

Language School in Opole

Our language school has nearly 20 years of experience. Every year more than 500 students learn with us. We have an idea of how to educate any type of student; from kids to adults, from beginners to advanced learners.
All you have to do is choose one course among the whole variety of which we provide. The course that fits your needs and expectations.
We are located in the city centre, thanks to which it is easy to reach our school from every place in Opole and its
close neighbourhood.

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newCOSMOPOLITAN – Foreign Languages Centre

Learn more about our language school

  1. It is worth choosing us

    We guarantee satisfaction and enjoyment of learning foreign languages. You will notice the progress after one year of learning. In the next few years you will acquire knowledge and abilities that will allow you to communicate in a given foreign language fluently.

    You can sign up for an English, German, Spanish, French, or Russian course. At the request, we can organize Italian and Arabic courses. In our offer, there is also a Polish course for foreigners. We also teach Eastern languages, like, for example Arabic, Japanese, or Chinese

    In our school you will find a course that suits your individual needs and expectations. It will match both your level of advancement and age.

    Our offer consists of courses for preschoolers, school children, teenagers, or adults. We also organise courses for firms and institutions, for learners of all levels of advancement. Among them, there are students who prepare for international certificates or take part in
    specialist business English trainings.

    During every course we apply diverse and carefully chosen methods of teaching, which are suitable for the student’s age and aim of learning. We make sure that our students “immerse” themselves in a given foreign language. That is why we don’t use Polish language while teaching. Our students gradually enhance their competencies and break the foreign language barrier, opening up to the world at the same time.

    You can always count on our teachers’ support and help if needed. They will eagerly explain you any sort of more difficult material. They will give you a hint of how to develop your linguistic skills, recommend books worth reading, or send you some extra materials to practice at home.

  2. CEFR levels of advancement according to the Council of Europe

    The levels of teaching at our school are defined according to CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference and allow to improve gradually our students’ language skills. Thanks to the coherent system of teaching applied at our school, you can continue your studying year by year achieving a higher and higher level of language advancement

  3. Teachers

    We were created to offer all our clients, those new and those staying with us for years, excellent quality of teaching. Our teachers are familiar with foreign languages codes, thanks to which they will introduce you into the world of communication with people coming from all around the globe. It is not a secret that a good teacher is half the battle, that is why we cooperate exclusively with the best specialists, creating a
    team of ambitious, creative and incredibly nice people.
    There are both Polish and English native-speaker teachers in our team, most of whomhold whom hold examiner licences of prestigious, international exam centres, such as British Counciland Goethe Institute

  4. Methods of teaching

    We offer courses for kids, primary and secondary schools pupils, university students and adults in general and business English. We also have courses for companies and institutions at all levels of advancement and of different character. Among them, there are courses for beginners and advanced learners who prepare for international certificates and business courses. 

    For every course we apply different methods and techniques, suited for the students’ age, level of advancement and the aim of learning as well.

    We apply different methods when teaching kids, teenagers, students, and adults. ‘Tailoring’ the curriculum for our standard courses, we employ completely different teaching techniques from those applied in case of the courses preparing for international language certificates or business English courses.

    We make sure that our students “immerse” themselves in a given foreign language. That is why we don’t use Polish language while teaching. Our students gradually enhance their competencies and they break a language barrier, opening up to the world at the same time.

  5. Satisfaction guaranteed

    Before signing up for a language course, you can also test your level of advancement by taking a placement test and also attending an interview in order to choose the most suitable course. You can also come to a free of charge trial lesson to see how our classes are conducted, which you will enable you to decide whether they meet your expectations.

    Choosing our school guarantees learning with the help of the best specialists whose lessons are always carefully prepared and thought out. Every experienced teacher is aware of the fact that properly suited methods and activities indicate our students’ linguistic abilities. Interesting subject area and nice atmosphere relieve the stress connected with a language barrier.

    In our school bookstore you can purchase a set of language books, and also all the materials needed to master your language abilities, such as a dictionary, a grammar book, CDs or any other publications. Spacious and modernly equipped classrooms, and the great location of our school, in the city centre, close to the bus station, constitute our additional assets.

Contact us in order to find out more about our offer. Our consultants will help you with choosing the most suitable course.